Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bermagui to Eden (28th February - 8th March)

We haven't made much progress since the last Blog - approximately 40NM.  Unfortunately the weather gods are just not playing fair with us.
Bermagui Harbour

We ended up spending 8 days in Bermagui (27th February to 6th March) which is definitely a record.  For the first couple of days in Berma we were pretty much boat bound as it was pouring rain so when the rain finally broke on Friday (2nd March) we were off the boat like a shot and headed out for a walk over to the Blue Baths.  On the way we checked out the outdoor sculpture display which was pretty interesting but they picked a crappy weekend for an outdoor display.  The waves around at the Blue Baths were pretty big and we figured swimming was off for the day as the chances are you would end up outside the baths pretty quickly.

Blue Baths

Saturday morning was fine so again we are out for a walk but in the arvo the rain returned and we are back to on board activities.  Finally on Monday the weather turned for the best with plenty of sun and a gently breeze blowing so we just couldn't help ourselves and decided we had to check out the golf course which was still pretty wet under foot but we all had a lot of fun chasing the little white ball around the course (or in Barry's case a little fluoro yellow ball).

The weather looks like it is starting to form into some sort of shape to get across the paddock so the plan is to head down to Eden on Tuesday.   We did find a ripper of a Patisserie in Bermagui called Cream and would highly recommend it if you are ever in the Bermagui area as we certainly enjoyed many a coffee and a little sweet treat or two during our stop over.
Sunrise leaving Bermagui
Tuesday 6th March and we finally put Bermagui behind us and we are off down to Eden. It is a pretty big day (~40NM) so we are up early and our way at first light.  The trip down to Eden was rather pleasant with plenty of sun and light winds (mind you they were pretty close to being on the nose) so we motor sailed all the way and arrived latish afternoon.  As there is a ship in at the naval wharf loading ordinance we had to go around the anchorage off Boyd Town for the night with the plan to head off at first light and get across to the prom.

Seahorse Inn
We are all up early however, yet again the weather is not playing fair and we find that it is blowing around 40kts out at Green Cape and an east coast low is forming a bit further south than first expected so it looks like we are going to be spending a few days in at Eden (definitely not in the brochure).  The one positive is that we are anchored directly off the Seahorse Inn and it is open to guests for both lunch and dinners.  Every other time we have been in this part of the world it has been shut.

As the whole trip is becoming a bit longer than first anticipated and with plenty of things going on at home with renovations, family reunions etc Barry has decided to vote himself off the island so we figure it is the day to stop in for a bit of lunch at the Seahorse Inn which certainly didn't disappoint.  The inn was built in the 1850's and has recently been renovated for guests, functions, weddings etc.  It is a beautiful old building which has had plenty of love and has some excellent views out over Two Fold Bay.
8th March and Barry is off early in the morning to catch the bus home.  It wasn't quite the departure he was hoping for as it is pouring rain and he had the negotiate the creek which was about 3 foot deep to get to his taxi rendezvous point.  We did hear from him a little later in the morning to let us know that he had safely made it to the bus stop.

As there are big swells and wind forecast we figure it is time to move anchorage to East Boyd Bay for the day.  As it is raining again outside it looks like we will spend the day on indoor activities and may even get to make a cake in the arvo.

Based on the current weather outlook we are kind of expecting to be here until Monday morning and weather dependant may head over to the pier tomorrow for a few days before we move on.