Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whitsunday Islands - Part 2 (25th - 29th July)

After snorkeling at Blue Pearl on Monday we decided that Stonehaven Anchorage would be a good and comfy spot to spend the night.  Luckily we managed to score a mooring which is pretty much surrounded by the coral fringing reef which is always nice.

Just because we hadn't had quite enough snorkeling it was back to Blue Pearly Bay on Tuesday.  On this occassion we timed our arrival for a bit later in the morning and managed to get onto a suitable mooring pretty quickly.  Again the usual herd of fish came out to greet us for feeding - amazes me that they all seem to have endless appetites!.  Before long we are donned in our wet suits and snorkeling gear to delight in the coral and fish that inhabit this lovely bay.
Nara Inlet - Sally at Anchor
As we haven't been off the boat for almost a week we leave Blue Pearl Bay and wander our way down to Nara Inlet with the plan to stop over for the 2 nights remaining before we head back into Airlie Beach.  We find a nice little anchorage and as it is getting a bit late in the afternoon we opt to have a swim off the back of the boat before settling in for drinks at sundown.  Apparently the rumour is that Nara Inlet is the local breeding ground for Hammer Head sharks!.  Luckily enough we didn't get the opportunity to see one however, the time in the water seemed just a little shorter than usual.

Nara Inlet - Ngaro Rock Art

Wednesday and we decide to wait until lowish tide before we head to the beach at Nara which has a short walking track up to the site of the Aboriginal Rock Painting done by the local Ngaro People which is quite fascinating but as with all these things it is now all roped off etc to protect it from the humans that visit.

After our 10 or so days wandering around the Whitsunday Islands it is time to head back into the chaos that is Airlie Beach.  We have heard from Michael Arcaro who is up at Airlie this week doing some work on Verve so we catch up with him for a spot of dinner at the Whitsunday Yacht Club which has a view to die for.  It is always good to catch up with someone from home to hear how things are going down south. 

We will be staying at Airlie until Sunday when we will head over the Hamilton Island to pick up Rick  Potter who will be on-board for the next part of the adventure to Townsville.

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