Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time in Sydney (27th April - 2nd May)

We arrived on a rather wet day in Sydney and it continued that way for the next 5 days.  During out stay we arranged for a new battery charger as the one we had decided to stop working.  The new one is now installed and seems to be working fine *fingers crossed*.

Leapy Lynda joined us on Friday morning and we had a great time over at the Sydney Fish Markets.  As had been mentioned a few times we went to watch the footie on Friday night and much to our pleasure Carlton WON - GO BLUES!!.  To add an extra treat the players came around the boundary and gave us all high fives and also a nice towel which has gone straight to the pool room!
Lunch at Sydney Fish Market

On Saturday Graheme had to leave the boat which was all a bit sad.  We saw him off in a taxi and he is now home and has already started the move into their new abode.  We has left us in custody of the now famous fish killing rod and lure so lets hope we can keep up the good work

We caught up with ones of Mark's old school friend, Simon Rawson, which was lots of fun and then turned in for an early night.

After a few chores on Sunday morning we headed down to Bondi for a swim at the Icebergs followed by lunch which was all rather nice.  To make it even better the sun has been out all day which also allowed us to dry out a bit of stuff!

The new crew has already started to arrive - Phil's gear is on the boat so we know he is here and Leapy will be arriving a bit later tonight.

We will be heading up to the Pittwater tomorrow for a few days before heading off to Newcastle

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  1. Hi Di and Mark - good to see you are well underway and that all is going well. Best wishes.

    I could not attend your farewell as I was hospital having a major prostate operation. The problem crept up on me during the last twelve months and it had to come out. Not pleasant but I am recovering well and checkup last wednesday indicated all was well and I should have no further complications.

    I will keep in touch via the blog - if there is anything you would lioke done down here please let me know. Best regards - Ian