Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sydney to Newcastle (2nd May to 5th May)

Lunch at America Bay (Pittwater)

We headed off from Sydney Heads on a bright sunny morning although there were some showers looming.  The destination for today was the Pittwater.  We spent the first night up a little arm called Smiths Creek which was beautiful and very serene.
After a leisurely breakfast on board we wandered fup to Cottage Point for a Late before  heading off to the basin where we spent a leisurely afternoon (there is a lot of leisure going on during this part of the trip).  We even managed to catch a little fish with a well known bait - CHEESE - but decided to give him a kiss and send him back.

Smiths Creek (Pittwater)

On the morning of the 4th we headed out of the Pittwater on our way to Newcastle which is around 50NM.  The day was a bit bumpy and quite a few showers were around but we had a rollicking ride with Max 'The Auto-Helm achieving a PB of 11.5knts!!!

We tucked up last night into Newcastle Marina and plan to spend the day here as there is a bit of a front passing us by and hopefully will be heading up to Port Stephens tomorrow for a few days

Leapy's Feet


  1. It looks like your having far too much fun. Hope you can catch up with Rob. Bruce

  2. Keep up the good work. My feet are becoming quite itchy; could never compete with LL's feet though.

  3. Dear Michal
    Both Leapy and I are a bit miffed by the photo you have used and cant quite figure out what you have on your head - PLEASE EXPLAIN!!

  4. Miffed? I have on my head a rare artefact. Whereas the women in our family inherit the merkin, I inherited a piece of white cloth and a white head band that one wraps around ones skull. It's expected to be worn on special occasions. I am pictured here wearing it correctly. Many do not.
    Hope this answers your query.
    Hey! When's the next instalment?
    Keep on cruisin . . .