Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newcastle to Forster Tuncurry (6th - 11th May)

There have been a few issues with Blogspot so apologies about the delay.

We had a great time in Newcastle and went for a big walk around the town and it has certainly changed a lot since I was up hear last.  The marina is excellent and worth dropping in if ever you are up this way.

Rob with Leapy Lynda
 We headed off to Port Stephens on the morning of the 6th with the plan to spend a few nights.  We had a lovely night on the pick in Fame Cove.  The next morning we got in touch with Rob - some of you may remember him from RMYS (aka Morelli - sorry if the spelling is wrong!).  We had a great morning with Rob and he showed us his new project which is a house that he is building in North Arm Cove.  That night he joined us for dinner at Soldiers Point.  The marina at Soldiers Point is pretty flasho and has set a new gold standard in bathrooms and also berthing fees (the picture may explain a bit clearer).
New Gold Standard at Soldier's Point

The next day we headed up to Nelson Bay which is also pretty impressive.

En-route to Forster Tuncurry

On the morning of the 9th we left Port Stephens with the next destination of Forster Tuncurry. It was a lovely calm and sunny morning but there is a bit of bad weather following us up the coast so we are hoping to get in before it gets us.   Luckily we made it with plenty to spare and ended up anchoring in the inlet on the Tuncurry side.  We went to the pub for dinner in the hope of seeing the Carlton V StKilda game live but unfortunately this was not the case so we ended up trying to watch it via the computer on the boat which also wasn't that successful so ended up watching the replay on the TV so it was a rather late night to bed.   GO BLUES!! 

Spent the 10th also in Tuncurry as the weather was a bit ordinary but had a nice day lounging around and a couple of us even made it up to the gym for a bit of exercise before enjoying a Leapy Lynda Chilli Con Carne for dinner.

Unfortunately we lost a crew member this morning.  Phil has had to head back to Melbourne unexpectedly so we gave him a bit of a send off last night over a few glasses of wine.

This morning looks awesome with bright blue skies and light winds so once we are a bit more organised we are off to Crowdy Head.

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