Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aloha from Mooloolaba (28th May - 4th June)

We decided to take a week in Mooloolaba for a bit of R&R and also because we have Michael and Monica Arcaro (SBSC) turning up on Friday for the next leg of the adventure.Mooloolaba is a nice spot right in the middle of the Sunshine Coast.  The Marina is close to town so it is a nice spot to spend a bit of time.

Sunday morning we said farewell to Ian and Karen who ended up heading to Noosa for a few days before flying out from Ballina on Thursday.

Locally known as The Thong - Canal Cruise
Award winning property

During our week at Mooloolaba we certainly have not been wasting any time and been kept busy in all sorts of ways.  I managed to get a hair cut on Monday which was needed as it has been a few months since the hair has had any form of attention at all.  Tuesday morning we went a long walk along the beach to Maroochydore via Alexander Point and Cotton Tree.  Wednesday arvo we did the Canal Cruise which takes you around all the waterways in the area and was quite fascinating as mos
t of it seemed to be focused on the price of  real estate, celebratory homes and which properties were on the award list.   Thursday was the day for jobs which included doing the laundry and a good vacuum and clean of the boat which in turn led to another issue in that the front toilet had finally given up the ghost.  For the uninitiated the guest toilet hasn't been on its best behaviour since we left and even led to callouses for Leapy with all the pumping required.  I am however pleased to report that a new seal kit has been purchased and it is now behaving just like a new one!  Amongst all this activity we have also been doing plenty of walking and also a daily boogie board which has been excellent fun although we have both been dumped a few times and have had to remove plenty of sand from the bathers.
Surf Guru !!
Boogie Boarding 101

Michael and Monica will be arriving just after lunch today (Friday 3rd June) and we will be heading to the Surf Club for a spot of dinner before an early start on Saturday (~5.30am) as we head to the Wide Bay Bar and Fraser Island.  At this stage the plan is spend up to a week travelling through the Great Sandy Strait which is between the main land and Fraser Island.

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