Friday, June 10, 2011

Gary's Anchorage to Urangan - Hervey Bay (6th - 11th June)

We departed from Gary's Anchorage at 11:00H on Tuesday 6th June and figured we had got the timing right to meet the high tide at the shallows as we were promptly followed by 5 other yachts.  Luckily there were no issues in getting through and had at least 3-4ft under the keel so we were all pretty happy. 

We lunched on the pick just near the Ceratodus wreck which is an old barge that was scuttled on the western side of Fraser Island just near Deep Creek.  We did a bit of exploring on shore before heading off to our anchorage for the night at Sheridan Flats (South White Cliffs) for a quiet evening on the pick.

After a leisurely morning on board we headed to North White Cliffs for a spot of lunch and another shore party.  Our original plan was to spend a few nights anchored off the well known Kingfisher Resort however the forecast of SW winds meant that this was not going to be a great spot for the night so Plan B was implemented and we spent the night at the northern anchorage at Big Woody Island (which is west of Little Woody Island).  A few other boats had the same idea so we had a bit of company for the night.  Luckily the plan did pay dividends as the South Westerly wind came in during the early hours of Thursday morning.

Main Highway on Fraser Island
Urangan was the destination for Thursday.  Again the weather is sunny and warm although cooler and damper weather is the forecast for the weekend so Urangan will be home till at least Monday morning.
As we didn't have the opportunity to do a Fraser Island tour from Kingfisher Resort the next best option was to organise the same from Urangan so the tour was booked with an early pick up on Friday morning.  Unfortunately the tour didn't quite make the early barge trip to Fraser so after a bit of re-scheduling we ended up on the 8.30am barge.  We had an excellent day on Fraser Island and went to see the usual spots such as the Moheni Wreck, Eli Creek, McKenzie Lake and Central Station.  One of the most bizarre things was travelling down the main road on the island which happens to be on the beach.  As you can imagine driving on sand is not for the faint hearted nor inexperienced as we found our when we came across a car sinking on the main highway.  The other highlight for the day was getting up close and personal with a young dingo on the beach.  All in all we had a great day.
A Local!
Sinking 4WD Rent A Car

As the forecast for the weekend is looking a little dour, Michael and Monica decided to head off for a few days up on their yacht which is berthed at Airlie Beach so we bid them farewell on Friday evening and once again we are back to two.

Monica & Michael before their
departure to Airlie Beach
Saturday saw a cool day with a bit of rain so it is back to provisioning the boat for the next leg of the journey and also trying to get all sorts of forms and applications completed for the Louisiades Rally in September!!

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  1. Looks like 4WD problems ae not uncommon up there. On the way back during our tour, we went past an upside down 4WD with only the axles sticking out of the sand. It apparently got stuck a few months ago and got rolled by the waves and eventually 90% buried. Now that's an expensive day out !