Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bundaberg to Rodd Peninsula - via Lady Musgrave Island (14th to 17th June)

The visit out to Lady Musgrave Island was everything the tourist brochures claim.   The lagoon has been described as a big bowl of "Bloo Loo" as the water is such a vivid blue colour. 

Lady Musgrave Island

View of Lady Musgrave from the Lagoon

Lady Musgrave  Island
Western Beach
To get our snorkelling back on track we headed over to a bommie for a bit of a practice and saw some lovely coral and plenty of reef fish.  Wednesday morning we did a shore party to the island and went on one of the walks across through the rain forest to the western beach and then around the south end of the island.  To walk around the circumference takes around 40minutes so it is not such a big place but there is plenty of bird life and white sandy beaches,   As the snorkelling practice went quite well we took the dinghy over to a larger coral reef in the lagoon and did a dive along the coral wall.  The  hard coral's where amazing and in excellent condition with plenty of bright colours and intricate structures and again there were lots of reef fish of various kinds to keep us amused. 

Luckily the weather was calm for the duration of our stay however, the forecast for Friday was not looking quite as good so we opted to leave Lady Musgrave mid morning on Thursday the 16th and head back to the main land.  As our arrival was to be at night we decided that we would aim for a small anchorage in Rodd Harbour which is just south of Gladstone.  We ended up dropping our anchor in a little bay near Bircher Point around 19.30 on Thursday evening. 

After hearing of many fish caught on the way out to Lady Musgrave we thought we better put the line in for the trip back to Australia.  Many hours went by without a thing but late in the afternoon we saw some ruffles on the water so figured we were in luck.  Well we were, kind of,  we managed to hook something but unfortunately it was a bit big for the line and also the angler holding the rod as whatever it was broke the line which was very disappointing but may have been for the best as Mark may have had to deal with an MOB otherwise,  As well as getting a new lure and trace to get us back into fishing action we are now also considering getting a larger reel with heavier line that we can fix to the push-pit just in case we hook another BIG ONE!!

After a very calm night we rose to another sunny and calm morning and after doing a few chores on the boat and hopefully a bath off the back we are hoping to head to Turkey Point which is only a couple of miles further down the harbour.  The books tell us that there is a small township in there so we will head ashore for an explore to see what we can find

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