Monday, June 6, 2011

Inskip Point to Gary's Anchorage (3rd to 6th June)

After a lovely trip up the coast we arrived at the Wide Bay Bar which is certainly an interesting crossing to say the least.  Luckily the seas were relatively calm and the new way-points were pretty much spot on so apart from being pretty rolling we had a good crossing.  We spent the night on the pick at Inskip Point which was calm and peaceful.

Sunset at Tin Can Bay
Sunday morning we headed up to Tin Can Bay which certainly has its only personality.  We did a lovely walk along the foreshore trying to identify the 135 types of bird that can be found in the area and think we ended up finding around 15!!  The sunsets up here at the moment are pretty amazing and the shot attached which was taken from the Tin Can Bay marina give you a bit of an idea of what they are like.  We headed off to the yacht club for a sun-downer and then to Snapper's for a great meal before retiring for the evening

By now you would think that we would have had enough dolphin action - but NO - we were up early on Monday morning for the daily "WILD" dolphin feed which happens at the boat ramp just down the road from the marina.  Apparently the dolphins have been coming into this cove since the early 50's and enjoy both the human interaction plus the good feed of fish.  Late in the morning we headed off to Gary's Anchorage which is a lovely little spot up the Great Sandy Strait.

WILD Dolphin Feed at Tin Can Bay
Dolphin Whisperer

Tuesday morning we woke to a very foggy Gary's Anchorage which is a little eerie.  We will be leaving here around 11.00H in order to meet the high tide as we approach the shallowest point of the Sandy Strait - luckily we have a high tide of around 8ft today so we should have plenty of clearance under the keel (we hope!)

Foggy start at Gary's Anchorage

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  1. Great shot of the sunset and you can never have too much dolphin action!